My grandma

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me and grandma


Last night I indulged in a ready-made chicken pie for one. I was tired and hungry. It was latticed and tasty. But not a patch on the home-made pastry that my Grandma, Sylvia (pictured with me above), used to make on a weekly basis when I was growing up, filled with fresh stewed beef and drizzled with gravy. With a bit of sugar added to the mix, her shortcrust was easily adapted to large fruit pies that mushroomed over gluts of apples, blackberries or rhubarb plucked straight from her allotment. And she made the best crumbles, too – although every dish was always kept secret from my Grandad who insisted on a culinary surprise every time he sat down for tea. My Grandma joined the WI only a few years ago but through it she discovered friendships, new interests and – at a later age in life – a new reason to go out on a Thursday afternoon. For me, that’s what WI membership has always been about.

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