Lemon Yoghurt Cake

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On Tuesday I was lucky enough to be treated to a posh lunch at The Orange by my brilliant photographer friend Gemma. It was pure decadence: prosecco, wine, more wine, great food and er… more wine. Fortunately a main perk of daytime drinking* is the lack of hangover. Hurrah.

I managed to nullify my posh surroundings by ordering pizza (you can take the girl out of the midlands, but you can’t take the midlands out of the girl!) yet to my defense it was of the fancy stone-baked variety so it wasn’t too embarrassing. For dessert we gorged on a Chocolate Mousse with mini eclairs and the most delicious Lemon Yoghurt cake. It was so light, fluffy and tasty that it has played on my mind ever since. Last night I could take it no longer so found a recipe online to bake**.

Even though my baking standards are not those of The Orange, I have to say it tastes pretty damn good!


* btw I’m not advocating alcohol abuse!

** I used the lemon syrup but omitted the icing topping for my cake

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