Goddamnit Nigella, you get me every time…

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Lemon & Mascarpone Cake

So there I am, sat at my computer for hours trawling through picture edits and I decide I need a break. My strained eyes are closing from the screen abuse, and my limbs are flaccid from the lack of movement. I decide to do something physical and tidy some books away but they lead me straight into her hands. I tried to ignore her at first. She was acting anonymously so I thought it would be easy, but alas I don’t need to glimpse her beautiful, smiling, exotic face to be lured in, she knows she can get me just by leaving a single innocent, perfectly iced cup-cake on the front.

That’s all it took. Hours of yesterdays Body Conditioning, tomorrows Power Pump, and Fridays Brazilian dancing (which randomly incorporates rather a lot of Irish and Christina Aguilera dances to deserve it’s name) well it’s all forgotten in that one enticing photograph of a small cake. My stomach rumbles, my mind races with little excuses as to why I definitely do need a cake in my life right now, even though I am presently sat in solitude with no hope of a visitor until Dan walks through the door tonight.  As always with Nigella, resistance is futile. She knows me too well.

I open the book blindly and I am presented with exactly what I am in the mood for. Her chosen page offers up something I’ve never made before and didn’t know existed, yet absolutely fulfills my current cake desire. The Domestic Goddess wants me to bake the Lemon and Mascarpone* variant of her Victoria Sponge and I do too. Hopefully I won’t have the ingredients to make the cake and this urge will subside, but of course the fridge is stocked with little else other than a lemon, some eggs and the right amount of butter. Only the Mascarpone to trek out for which will be a welcome excuse to leave the flat. Maybe she cares about my well being after all.

Goddamnit Nigella, you get me every time…but my word it’s always a pleasure when you do.

*I forgot to buy the lemon curd filling whilst at the supermarket so used blackberries with the mascarpone instead

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