Five bites: Ruth Carruthers

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Melarge© Ruth Carruthers

‘Five bites’ is our regular blog feature unveiling the foodie secrets of those who work in the food industry, or just have a passion for it. This weeks ‘bite star’ is writer and photographer Ruth Carruthers. When not incorporating food, art and fashion in her work, Ruth is passionate about promoting awareness of environmental issues and frequently works as a photographer and education officer for The Clipperton Project.

1. Name/Profession- Ruth Carruthers, photographer and writer
2. Signature Dish- I’m told I make a mean courgette and lime cake. It’s a great summer alternative to carrot cake.
3. Which chefs/bakers inspire you- I use recipes by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Rachel Khoo a lot. They are both really down to earth, fun and their food is uncomplicated. I love a baker’s round the corner from my house in London called Violet, which is run by pastry chef and food stylist Claire Ptak. They do the best cinnamon rolls and decorate their cakes in simple yet beautiful ways, without any glam and glitter.
4. What’s your most vivid food related memory- Eating Mum’s homemade chocolate chip ice-cream when I was a kid. Made with fresh mint from our garden. There was something about the way it tasted that I found almost magical.
5. Your Desert Island ingredients- Garlic, rolled oats and cinnamon.

For regular update on Ruths work follow her @RuthCarruthers

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