Five bites: Rachel de Thample

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‘Five bites’ is our new regular blog feature unveiling the foodie secrets of those who work in the food industry, or just have a passion for it.
We are proud to have fellow South Londoner and food writer Rachel de Thample as our first ‘bite star’. Rachel has been integral in setting up the Crystal Palace Food Market and is an advocate of eco-friendly eating which culminated in the publication of her first recipe book, Less Meat, More Veg

1. Name/Profession- Rachel de Thample, food writer
2. Signature Dish- Hmm. This changes everyday. Two faves: honey marmalade and I’ve just come up with an amazing, easy, honey-sweetened homemade ice cream recipe for my new book. My mother also raves about my Glazy Orange Carrots.
3. Which chefs/bakers inspire you- I have to say that I love Jamie Oliver, his energy and creativity. As a native Texan, I’m also hugely inspired by modern Cowboy cuisine and love Grady Spears books. I also love Cowgirl Cuisine: Rustic Recipes and Cowgirl Adventures from a Texas Ranch by Paula Disbrowe and there’s a brilliant blog Homesick Texan, which I cook from often.
4. What’s your most vivid food related memory- Always food firsts. I vividly remember eating my first kiwi fruit. I must have been about 5 and my mother offered them to my childhood best friend Heather and I. My mother made food fun and exciting, and she would always present things so beautifully. I have no doubt that this has led me to where I am. All my siblings have a keen interest in food and my sister Robin is a chef.
5. Your Desert Island ingredients- These probably sound a bit boring but lemons would top the list, followed by natural yogurt and then honey. All medicinal and have endless uses.

For more of Rachel’s musings follow her @dethample


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