Baking Booty

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baking booty

baking booty

baking booty

I always thought that as you got older Christmas presents would become more boring; I admit I have got to the age where I do actually ask for socks and ‘bath stuff’. However, the past few years have been pretty good for me on the gift front and this year was no different.

Amidst the beautiful jewellery, perfume and voucher for a visit to The Shard (can’t wait, thanks mum!), I had various items of baking booty bestowed upon me too. Firstly in a pre-christmas coffee meet before she jetted off to sunny Cape Town, Jessica gave me the Ice Cream recipe book Melt by Claire Kelsey and a little ceramic blackbird that you bake in a pie, both of which I am still yet to use.

I did however dabble in a spot of baking this weekend, using both of the other books which were given to me by my brother Paul. I’m never sure these are the selfless gifts which define the Christmas spirit, as he always seems quite enthusiastic to try the results, but I can happily live with that. Although I have baked bread before using recipes from the internet, I was eager to get stuck in to bread making like the maestro Paul Hollywood so tried the first recipe in his ‘Bread’ book for a white bloomer. What is great about this book are the step by step pictorial illustrations of the processes. I think I need to work on my kneading skills to improve the rise, but overall the loaf tasted great and had a nice crust.

Drunk on the success of the bread (or the wine accompaniment that is the chefs prerogative), I found a recipe in the The Great British Bake Off Everyday cook book for a Honey Courgette Loaf which uses very little sugar and substitutes oil and wholemeal flour for the usual butter and plain flour. I had hoped it would be a post festivity healthy treat though it is full of chocolate chips which didn’t exactly disappoint me. At first I wasn’t sure about the taste of the flour yet the more I eat (and I have sampled it a lot since I baked it) I find it has really grown on me. The book is filled with a fusion of savoury and sweet bakes such as Blackberry Buttermilk Sponge, Caramelised Lemon Cheesecake Slices and Mexican Breadsticks to name but a few that are next on my list.

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