Anne Garnish and her Crab Apple Jelly

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The newest profile addition to our project is Anne Garnish. Just yesterday afternoon, Anne welcomed Jessie and I into her cosy kitchen whilst she rustled up her Crab Apple Jelly best-seller. The smell was divine and incredibly homely after our mini road trip up north this weekend. We chatted and photographed whilst she methodically prepared the apples and expertly assessed when the jelly was ready to set. Renowned for her variety of jams and jellies, which she sells to fund her side-car racing passion (she’s an incredibly surprising woman!), this particular recipe holds great resonance to her.

We can’t give too much away as hopefully all will be presented in a beautiful book one day, however we wanted to share a few snippets of Annes creation so you can appreciate that delicious colour! Unfortunately technology isn’t so advanced that you can sample how fruity and scrummy this particular batch tasted, however Anne sells her creations locally so you can view her other flavours here for if you are ever in the area.

Thank you Anne for welcoming us into your home and responding so warmly to our project.

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